PRO PR Awards

After analyzing the global, European and national rewarding programs for professional public relations associations, we have come to the conclusion that there is no rewarding program for individual professionals working in public relations or communications that contribute to the development of the profession.

All existing reward programs in the field of public relations mostly relate to public relations projects, not to individuals. Also, it is common practice that rewarding programs are based on the paid participation, with the exception of a lifetime achievement award and the award for the contribution to the development of the profession, which do not require a fee for participation. Therefore, Danijel Koletić, founder and Chairman of the Organizing Board of the international conference for public relations and communication management PRO PR, on March 27, 2011, on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the PRO PR Conference, made the decision to establish the PRO PR Awards. PRO PR Awards includes the following award categories: PRO PR Award, PRO PR Vision City Award, PRO PR Vision Manager Award and PRO PR Infigo Award. The PRO PR Awards is an annual award intended for individuals from the public relations profession
who, through their proactive and ethical approach, promote their profession.

The PRO PR Vision Manager Award is an annual award intended for the president of the board of directors, the director of the company, the sports director, the sports event director, the director of a cultural institution, the director of a cultural event or a project leader in a non-governmental organization who has retained or created positive publicity with one of the following activities: placing new products and services on the market, managing a project that contributes to the national interest, sponsorship investments, investing in socially responsible communication strategies or other activities that greatly improved the perception of the organization.

The PRO PR Vision City Award is an annual award intended for one city of the country where the PRO PR Conference is held in the current year. Recognition will be awarded to the city which, thanks to its communication strategy, has created additional publicity, both within and outside the national boundaries, by organizing a cultural, sporting or economic-educational event or project, including architectural or some other valuable feature that has created a new vision of the city.

The PRO PR Infigo Award is an annual award which, according to his own selection, is awarded and handed by Mr. Danijel Koletić, founder of the PRO PR Conference. The recipient of this award is a person who has contributed extensively to the development of the profession of public relations with his professional activities.

This recognition can be given to the individual in the field of journalism,
public relations, all types of marketing, promotion, digital communication or a member of the academic community that effectively promotes the development of their profession.
The PRO PR Awards is a unique rewarding program intended for individuals, public relations professionals, and not the projects they run. The award ceremony is held annually at the ceremony within the PRO PR Conference.

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