In a dynamic environment, we advise, implement and create new ideas every day. We present the
current projects of Apriori World.

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Pro Pr Conference and Pro Pr Globe Awards

After the end of the 18th Pro Pr conference in Podčetrtek, this year from December 2nd to 5th in Sarajevo at the Holiday Hotel, and in cooperation with the partner agency MiVi Communications, the 19th pro pr conference will be…


Inspiriramo poljoprivredu

Under the motto ”Inspiriramo poljoprivredu”, Apriori World is preparing the organization of the Agro StartUp Conference and the Digital Agriculture Conference, which are organized in cooperation with the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Zagreb, and which aim to…

An agreement was signed between Apriori World Agency and Harvard Medical School

An agreement was signed between Apriori World Agency and Harvard Medical School, whereby the director of the agency became a consultant for Europe, the Middle East, North Africa in the field of business development and business development and support program.…

YBC - World

Youth Business Camp World Entrepreneurship Program

After this year’s Youth Business Camp Adria Zagreb and Youth Business Camp Adria Sarajevo, preparations for YBC Adria 2023 begin. This educational program, implemented as a franchise of the YBC World Entrepreneurship program, camps participants from 15 to 19 years…



This year, in addition to Zagreb, the Youth Business Camp will open its doors in Sarajevo and Ljubljana. This educational project inspires entrepreneurship. The participants of the camp are teenagers between 15 and 19 years old. Participants can expect 21…



From 1.-4. June at the Olimia Spa in Podčetrtek, Apriori World is organizing the 18th International Public Relations Conference. 39 lectures, 4 workshops and a panel entitled  Responsible communication, responsible public relation. 35 speakers from 12 countries are expected. The…



Under the motto ”Inspiriramo poljoprivredu”,  Apriori World agency has established two new conferences: “Ličanka” (county in the heart of Croatia), a conference on Lika agriculture to be organized in the town of Gospić and “Dalmatinka”, a conference on Dalmatian agriculture…

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Youth Business Camp Switzerland Adria Zagreb

The program of thematic packages for the Youth Business Camp Switzerland Adria Zagreb has been announced, which will take place next year from 27 June to 8 July. in Zagreb . The camp will also be held at the same…