Danijel Koletić aka Daniel Key - only when we are connected, we have the ability to create. It is imperative that our connection is the synergy of knowledge.

Apriori World is a group of creative, dynamic and innovative professionals who create new trends, values, and perceptions with their ideas in the fields of branding public relations, and communication management.


Communication in motion

I must admit that I am one of the lucky individuals who have a job they love. Thanks to the understanding of my family, inspirations, visions, and innovations that I am trying to achieve, I like to emphasize that I communicate in motion. Through motto „Share the knowledge“, I want to give a chance to young people who are just stepping into the world of communication which, in my mind, is slowly becoming more virtual.

Thanks to the persistence, faith, and prayer that moves me every day, I had a chance to participate with my team in the creation of various business strategies and projects that have inspired many generations or were socially-useful to the community in which we operate.

As the world changes, also there is a change in the perception of public relations. We are making progress, we grow, we follow the technology, we participate in the creation of new brands. We are always learning so that we could keep the leading position in our market. We are part of the everyday consulting process, reputation management, lobbying, crisis management, and many other processes.

We contribute to the profession and its perception by investing in cooperation with numerous experts through educational projects such as, for example, PRO PR Conference which connects people in motion and creates new friendships and business opportunities.

Live branding is the slogan that inspires me to make new steps in the consultation process, networking and creation of the new projects. As a CEO of the Apriori World, I get to meet the world, people, habits, and markets. Each of them has its own rules, its own peculiarities, but if you have a clear vision, you are aware of your mission and you believe in your own knowledge, partners, and team.

If you are creative, innovative and you have your own story, then you, like me, are ready to be the brand driver and a creator of live branding.