sapuni sa točkicama

Soaps with dots

In May 2016, Cooperative Martinov plašt (eng. Martin's Cloak) and the Association of Blind Persons Zagreb started the cooperation with Apriori World agency. The agency's task was to provide expert support in the process of branding the Soaps with dots, the social entrepreneurship project which employed three blind and partially sighted persons. Soaps with dots are a unique project in which companies, institutions, and individuals can order conveniently packed and modern designed bars of soap, distinctive for their protruding dots which remind of the Braille letter used by blind people.

Cooperation between the Apriori World and the Association continued with the implementation of a communication strategy and the fundraising for the equipment needed for the production of liquid soaps. In the next two years, the project should employ eight blind and partially sighted people. Thanks to its business partners, as well as the donation of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency TIKA, Apriori World has raised more than 180,000 euros and intends to continue its cooperation with the Association of Blind Persons in the process of fundraising.