“Value based leadership” conference

Conference “Value based leadership” was held in Green Gold, hall Zemlja in Forum Centre. At the very beginning the video “Laži koje živimo” (Lies that we are living) was shown and after that Sir Isaac Tigrett, a founder of the Hard Rock Cáfe and the House of Blues came on the stage and held a speech.

Present audience was thrilled by his charisma and he told his story. Although he comes from rich family, he has had some difficult times and he says that even today he carries the scars because of the death of his brothers. Because of these events he ran away to England with 16 and he was doing small jobs in order to collect enough money to buy his mother a 1954 Bentley which he sold for twice as much money upon his arrival on the American ground. As he said, that was his first major business with good profit. He founded the Hard Rock Cáfe and the House of Blues which he sold, but he says that the workers were like his brothers and family.
“Money should be a by-product of business and people should stick to quality. I had the money and I ran away from it, but by doing a good business I made more money”, Tigrett said. 
Even the motto of the conference says:” Good business is done by good people”. He claims that he follows his heart and treats others as he would like others to treat him. He stated that democracy doesn’t function, future is in the hands of children and their future is in our hands and we should raise them according to the value system in order to fight for what is correct.    
After him, Mrs. Ljiljana Ciglar, the author of the project and the conference, addressed the audience with few words and presented the Brussels professor Luke Bouckaert. The professor spoke with the study approach and made a longer speech on the leadership itself and its ethical and moral principles. According to him, spirituality is the centre which changes the future. Our good decisions with time become a part of our character and the key for the status of good leader is inspirational entrepreneurship and open communication while the spirituality should be in the service of public good. 
After him, professor Velimir Srica made a speech. Changes of basic paradigms, according to professor Srica, are necessary so that the companies and leaders can be successful in the full sense of that word. Professor Srica emphasised that it is good for a company to take into consideration the satisfaction of clients, employees and money fluctuation which is not purpose for itself, but it is there for enabling further business and meeting the necessities of life. 
Conference “Value based leadership” is organised as a part of project GOOD WORK-DEEP PERSPECTIVE. The goal of that project and the conference includes raising awareness on the importance of life in virtue of every individual and organisation, in other words, promoting the idea of including the spiritual, ethical and ecological principles (DEEP) in everyday life and business. The programme of the conference has been created with exceptional care and rich content contains something for everybody. Along with lectures of remarkable speakers, the conference has also included the panel discussion. The 3 Es in Croatia (ethics, ecology and economy) were discussed. In the end of panel discussion these messages were sent:
Entrepreneurship isn’t only profession; it is a way of life based on virtues, expertise, possibility of control, timely reaction and personal integrity. All these things make the sustainable growth of entrepreneur and his company, which ultimately contributes the community in which he lives, believes Goran Becker, a member of board in Hamag-Birco.
Don’t make the alibi for failures or point fingers at others, but ask yourself a question: what can we do for our surrounding and the world in which we live, so that we could create the conditions for quality leaders who will change our reality. Let’s create surrounding where we will be able to make better life with our own work, Gordana Kovač, president of the Board in Ericsson Nikola Tesla, has concluded.
We have heard that we should create business surroundings where people will feel better because of us, where we will stimulate each other. Don’t forget that each one of you is a diamond, but in order to shine, a diamond has to go through a chaos and the same thing happens to us because we have many obstacles to cross. Be the light to the others, said Lenja Faraguna, the founder of Club 466 International and a marketing expert.
People seek for the receipt for the success and top leader. It is not the point that others think that we are doing fine, but we should really feel like that. It is important that there are values and people who work in that way, therefore they have become successful. We all have great potentials, but we should base them on right values, said Elvira Mlivić Budeš, a director of educational institution Filaks and a consultant. 
Working with young people I have discovered a high percentage of pessimism because they can’t carry out ethics in work practice. Therefore, these kinds of conferences stimulate and bring back optimism so it is possible to base work on right values, pointed out Vladimir Gruden, a professor of medical psychology and a scientist.
When we do what we love, we will be able to transfer that on the others. Today many people do jobs they don’t like and that hate they transfer on others. There is a pressure from our surroundings to become what we don’t want to be, but if we think that we are small and that we have nothing to say and give to this world, others will make sure that it happens like that. Therefore, we should stand up for ourselves, be firm enough to hold on to our values so that the others can look up to us, concluded Goran Pejaković, ecology and sustainable development, project O.A.Z.A.
Guiding principle was to awaken the spirit of entrepreneurship based on real values. The conference had a tone of humanity and unmaterial; everything deprived of material which is so bare that can understand human kindness, warmth, positive living and simple humanity. The choice of human values as strategic guidelines of business in order to be successful and sustainable in business.