Travels, fashion, bloggers and PR- all about it at Blogomanija!

After official opening of regional conference Blogomanija Fashion and Beauty in hotel Habakuk, the lecture of Ninoslav Vidović The way of travel industry has started. People who travels a lot are even not interested for destination but for them it's important to be in motion. Travels often become mandatory part of their life.
Important thing about location are festivals which are held there. As a lover of jazz music, he points out that one of his famous festivals is North Sea Jazz which he always visit. Also, he said that thanks to this festival jazz music is not dead!
„Destination is no longer matter, but what happens on it!“
After his lecture, Svetlana Horvat, the director of Serbia Fashion Week, talked about How to become a cultural centar in only three years. She said that designers show business and that manifestation Serbia Fashion Week is established for reason to bring fashion to the highest level. 
„I don't believe in the projects which overnight achieve success because they always disappear overnight too.“
At Blogomanija is published exclusive news- Patricia Luci will perform at the next Serbia Fashion Week!
After, the lecture held charming Danijel Koletić who talked about Who follows the bloggers, why they exist and why the clipping is so important? He is in charge for strategic communication in Press Clipping. Mr. Koletić showed statistics of bloggers in hole region. During the conference you can find all important information about it beacuse he will be present all the time!
And the last lecture before coffee break held Mr. Krešimir Macan who present us Five digital lessons from the field. He communicated with the audience and questioned them about interesting headlines and introduced what is important to allocate and what to omit. He talked about question What is a good PR? Mr. Macan pointed out that PR agency which doesn't know how to use digital marketing is dead agency!