The first international conference on communication in public administration

In the modern age, due to the ever-increasing influence of technology, the process of communication is dependent on numerous digital platforms and each generation perceives and uses communication tools in their own unique way.

In such a changing environment, the public administration is exposed to criticism because of the bureaucratic barriers and insufficient public communication. For that reason, a public debate on effective communication is needed more than ever which is why the first international conference on communication in public administration will be held.
The goal of the conference is to bring together individuals in public administration and public companies to discuss strategies, tactics and communication processes. In other words, Focus is the platform for connecting, sharing knowledge and experiences and defining guidelines for new communication processes. By organizing this conference, the aim is to highlight the importance of transparent public service activity and its role, application and value. The public service includes government institutions, local and regional government and self-government, as well as state-owned companies. Under the motto closer to people, representatives of the public and private sector will gather to achieve the goal of common progress through simple and transparent communication.
The program of Focus conference will include lectures by communication experts employed by EU institutions, as well as lecturers from countries that are still in the process of EU accession negotiations. Panel discussions will find answers to questions such as how to easily inform the target audience, do politicians understand the importance of transparent communication, what the public sector communication professionals need to do and what their role is. The conference will take place on December 1, 2017 in Terme Tuhelj under the auspices of the communication management agency Apriori World.  The organizers wish to bring together all those who believe that communication is the foundation of information and its exchange, but also the opportunity to create new values.
The fee for participation at the conference is 125 Euros with VAT and includes all lectures, workshops, lunches and coffee breaks.