The first Croatian detergent dispenser in bulk

n the first Croatian food outlet Žabac, a detergent dispenser in bulk was presented in bulk. This project and product was created in cooperation with the Croatian company Labud and it is first in Croatia.

In cooperation with The Inclusive Workplace Center, one partly disabled person will be employed, who will work on detergents at 4 hours per day, assisted by a work assistant. The Inclusive Workplace Center is a non-profit organization that expands its capacity to engage people with intellectual disabilities in society. The employee of Fillip Bosak is the first job and has expressed great satisfaction on this occasion that he has been given the opportunity to work for which he will be paid.
Mr. Mario Žamboki, co-owner of the first Croatian food outlet Žabac, emphasized that this way of buying detergents without packaging contributes to the preservation of the environment. The point is that buyers come with their own packaging to get a detergent from the bulk at very affordable prices. Detergent for dishes, laundry softener, laundry detergent, universal detergent, sanitary detergent and glass cleaner.
The concept of food outlet is a valued idea that allows you to buy quality products at very low outlet prices and this business story continues to expand.