Taxi Cammeo transported over 50 million passengers in ten years

Cammeo Group, leading Croatian taxi company celebrates 10 years of business today . During last ten years Taxi Cammeo vehicles transported over 50 million passengers or 5 million passengers per year.

This family company started working in Rijeka back in 2006 with only 13 taxi vehicles in the car fleet. 4 years later, they started their business in Osijek and then in 2011 in Zagreb. With this decision changes started to happen in previously monopolized taxi market. In 2014 Cammeo Group started reorganization process within they launched innovative business franchise model that was implemented that same year in Rijeka and Osijek. Soon after that they entered  the market of Varaždin, Šibenik and Čakovec.  During 2016 Taxi Cammeo started business in Beli Manastir, Koprivnica and Vukovar so its 10th birthday Taxi Cammeo celebrates as the biggest Croatian taxi service that operates in 9 cities and records constant business growth. Cammeo Group today has more than 250 taxi vehicles in car fleet with continuous tendency of growth. Thanks to franchise business Taxi Cammeo has a 725 employees and a plan to employ 1000 more in the next year.
Besides being leader in the taxi industry, Cammeo Group has established itself as a innovative leader that continuously monitors needs of its clients and adjusts to modern technology and a way of life. Namely, within business reorganization, they launched Taxi Navigator, their own software system intended for taxi companies, that enables flawless communication at all levels:  from management and call center to taxi drivers and final consumers. 
Taxi Navigator is specific for being Croatian export know-how product that is used by more than 50 foreign companies and that was exported to Qatar in 2015.
As company with a vision, Cammeo Group invests in equipment quality, services and employees so they are first European taxi company that launched licensed educational program for future taxi drivers – Taxi Academy. Besides this, Cammeo Group is the only taxi company in Europe owning 9001 quality certificate. 
All this shows that Cammeo Group started positive change in the taxi market in the last 10 years. As first company that managed to bring down market monopoly, Cammeo Group, with high quality service, affordable prices, professional approach and constant investment in service upgrade, gained trust of the citizens and created habit of taxi riding. Few years ago, taxi rides represented luxury and many were able to afford them in rare occasions only. Today, taxi riding is affordable for everyone and along with acceptable prices, it offers high level of safety and comfort. „We are extremely proud that we created a taxi riding culture through the last 10 years. We gained trust from our fellow citizens and became their best transport option in fulfilling their everyday tasks.
While 10 years ago taxi ride meant significant expense, its price today is for every budget. I think that Taxi Cammeo significantly contributed to this price adjustment and that really makes me happy. All categories of citizens use our services: senior citizens, students, businessmen, parents and their kids, school-age children and many companies. Our goal is to continue with business expansion out of Croatian boarders and additionally firm our leader position“, said Vladimir Minovski, managing director of Cammeo Group. 
In every city where they operate, Taxi Cammeo organized gathering for employees that day and also, taxi ride from 10 AM for 1000 citizens was completely free.