Taxi Cammeo starts in Vukovar next week!

Leading Croatian taxi company, Cammeo group starts with their work in Vukovar next week

Hero city will be ninth Croatian city whose citizens will have available the most reliable service and most convenient taxi service in the country.
Thanks to the franchise business, Taxi Cammeo is present in eight Croatian cities and in the past two months has started working in Beli Manastir and Koprivnica.
Cammeo group has constant increase of business growth and number of employeers. At the moment, in franchise network is hired more then 700 employees. During the first three days of Taxi Cammeo work in Vukovar, the citizens of Vukovar will have opportunity to try Cammeo taxi service. So from Tuesday 17th May at 12 noon, until Friday 6am the taxi service to 5 kilometers within the city will be completly free. Next one month, the citizens of Vukovar will pay promotional price of only 15 kunas for drive to 5 km within the city. After that period the price of Taxi Cammeo service still will be  extremely favorable and will be only 20 kunas for 5 km within the city.
To all citizens of Vukovar we recommend to remember number of Cammeo – 032 330 040 and to download mobile application by which you can order your drive free. 
The official start of Taxi Cammeo will be immediately after the press conference which will be held on Tuesday, 17th May at 9 pm, in the Office of the Mayor of the City of Vukovar.