Taxi Cammeo soon in Koprivnica!

Leading Croatian taxi company, Cammeo group announced that will expand its business in Koprivnica at the beginning of May of this year

After Čakovec and Beli Manastir, this is already the third Croatian city in which Taxi Cammeo starts their franchise this year.
Citizens of Koprivnica and its surroundings will have available 24 hours a day a brand new, modern vehicles of Taxi Cammeo which will operate under the franchise with the same name.
Koprivnica will be the eighth city in Croatia in which Taxi Cammeo operates. Thanks to the franchise business, Cammeo group hires more than 700 employees. With the constant expansion of the franchise network, Cammeo group continuously have a need for new employment.
Taxi Cammeo Koprivnica will start working at the beginning of May, and on this occasion will be organized a press conference where will be published more details about the new business venture of Cammeo group. The exact time of the press conference will be published later.