sapuni sa točkicama

Soaps with Dots

The Croatian Association of Congress Travel Professionals gathered all the providers of their services at the Westin Hotel in Zagreb. They also provided free space to present the project “Soaps with Dots” by the Association of the Blind in Zagreb and the Apriori World Agency. Solid soap products remain an official gift, and liquid soaps produced by members of the association will be available for sale by the end of April and will be available for purchase by institutions, organizations and companies. Our goal was to introduce these soaps in order to sell them to one of the hotel houses and to become familiar with the rules and standards. Otherwise, liquid soaps from the Association of the Blind Zagreb are completely ecological, which means that only natural ingredients are used for their production.  I have been collaborating with the Association of the Blind Zagreb for the 5th consecutive year pro bono. So far, we have raised € 252,000 in this collaboration, inspiring numerous companies to join in financial donations or purchase soap with dots.