Red scars on Olympians – perceptional mystery

Watching the Olympic games and athlets you might have noticed red scars od their bodies that on first glance may seem like injuries.

But, in the words of dr. Vlasta Brozičević from Terme Selce, one of our leading experts in sports medicine and rehabilitation, it is simply a case of cupping therapy or glasses therapy. Dr. Brozičević implemented cupping therapy in her rehabilitation process ten years ago.
It is a traditional method, present in many cultures around the world. It is know under many different names, such as Baguanfa, Bentusa, Vendouse, Gac Hoi, Bahnkes, Vacume Terapi etc, and it exists for more than 5000 years.
Today, Cupping therapy is used in many different parts of the world and is liked for its non-harmfulness, pleasant relaxation effect and lack of penetration. In the original implementation of cupping therapy specialy shaped glass cups are used that are heated up and put on the skin. Inside the cup a vaccum is formed that acts on the skin and tissue with a heating, relaxing and detoxing effect. The local effect is up to 10 cm depending on the place of application.
„In Terme Selce Medical Center we apply the „vision cupping system“.We can use cupping individualy or in a combination with other kinesiotherapeutic procedures in conditions like neckpain, myogenic  lumbago, frozen shoulder etc. Cupping therapy opens the energy flow meridians, microcirculation and gives a certain sense of relaxation. It can definately have an effect if it is used correctly.“ says dr. Vlasta Brozičević.
Cupping therapy is especially recommended to athletes and patients where classical medication therapy isn't recommended or is contraindicated.