Rade Šerbedžija thrilled the audience at the Festival Hall in Bled

A two-day Bled Water Festival was concluded on Friday, at the Festival Hall, with a closing ceremony.

The gathered audience, among which were businessmen, entrepreneurs, politicians and other friends of the festival from Slovenia and the region, were all thrilled not only with the awards but also by the final speech of the legendary Rade Šerbedžija.
The guests started to gather at 7.00pm on the blue carpet at the closing ceremony of the first regional Responsible towards water awards. Drinking the Radgonska gorica champagne and Žličar wine marked the toast given at the Festival Hall. During the two-day event the guests enjoyed Zala water and had an opportunity to try beer from the Laško Union brewery. Legendary Rade Šerbedžija, the honorary president of the Bled Water Festival, walked the blue carpet where he greeted the supporters and sponsors of the festival.
At 8.00pm guests were invited to the Festival Hall, where in the elegant atmosphere began the first regional Responsible towards water awards, supported by the ministries of Environmental Protection and Spatial Planning of Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.
The following projects were awarded: in the INDIVIDUAL category the project of Anže Logar for the contribution to a better, more sustainable society, in the NATIONAL category the project of Aquatika – freshwater aquarium Karlovac from the Croatian public institution of the same name, in the CORPORATE category, given the size of the company: Freewa project of the Croatian company Freewa Project d.o.o. (micro company), The Little World of Waterenergy project from the Austrian company Alpen Adria Energie GmbH (small company) and the Technical and Economic Optimization of the Water System Kranj in cooperation with Petrol d.d. and Komunala Kranj (big company). Beautiful and valuable awards were made by Zlatarna Celje. Awards were given by: Ms. Renata Lovrak, Director of Corporate Communications of Ljubljana Dairies, Mr. Mihael Jožef Toman, Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Biotechnology at the University of Ljubljana, Mr. Matjaž Berčon, Assistant to the Major of Infrastructure and Strategic Development (Municipality of Bled), the Executive Director of Tourism Bled and the host of the Okusi Bled banquet, Mr. Matjaž Rozman, Marketing and Sales Director of Amicus, Ms. Ladeja Godina Košir, Head and CEO of Circular Change, Mr. Martin Šolar, Director of WWF Adria, Mr. Danijel Koletić, CEO of Apriori World and Ms. Biljana Prvanović, a film producer from Serbia.
The following projects were the most successful in the Responsible towards water/ Wastewater primary school contest: Primary school Rodica won the first place with the World without water project, second place took Primary school Žirovnica with the project Water and the third place was won by Primary School Rodica with Wastewater project. Prizes for selected projects were provided by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Slovenia. The awards for the first place were sports cameras and entry to the final competition in the same category with Croatia and Serbia, the second place award included the tickets for the Adventure park Bled and, finally, the third place award were the tickets for the Escape from the forest adventure. The awards were presented by Mr. Mitja Bricelj, Secretary of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Slovenia.
Three films were competing in the regional competition: Primary school BIJELO BRDO from Croatia, Primary school Vuk Karadžić from Serbia and Primary school Rodica from Slovenia. Serbian Primary school Vuk Karadržić's winner film tells a story of a different understanding of water, of the relation to it in the past and present, saying that the water is not only a liquid but an ecosystem. It speaks about the importance of protecting the water environment by presenting water from different perspectives. This presents the right approach and we can be proud that young people are already so conscious.
We also released the competition for the Tastiest Water according to the opinion of the users of the social platform Facebook, where a survey was conducted and the respondents selected between 19 municipalities. The Award for the Tastiest Water of 2017, in the opinion of the Facebook friends, was given to the Municipality of Jesenice.
The awards were presented by representatives of companies, organizations and initiatives, which, like BLED WATER FESTIVAL, are fighting for greater awareness of water, environmental protection and nature, and in general for our better tomorrow.
Ms. Branka Božič, an excellent performer, took care of a musical break during which she sang a song about water, its importance and value. Mentioned song came into existence while she was reading the screenplay of the closing ceremony. 
Another artistic moment was held by the ceremonial speaker, Mr. Rade Šerbedžija, honorary festival president who in his final speech drew attention to the problems of the present age, environmental problems, problems of scent and terrorism, and the current state of the spirit of mankind, which is not positive. He stated that such projects, such actions, provide hope for a better tomorrow and a better future for our children. The fact that the children are active in this field, that they are engrossed in the cause and are looking forward to the rewards for their devoted work is more valuable than if the star of the caliber of Angelina Jolie stood there on the stage.
Ljubljana Dairies are the patron of a wonderful finishing ceremony.
We sincerely thank all the participants for their participation, congratulate the awardees and we invite you all to join us next year.
Thank you for caring.
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