National Conference on Mediterranean Agriculture Dalmatinka

As part of the projects under the motto inspiring agriculture, Apriori World agency has decided to
found the first national conference on Mediterranean agriculture, Dalmatinka. The aim of Dalmatinka
is to connect the agricultural community and the fisheries sector and launch a discussion on current
issues, challenges, solutions and good practice examples from the sector in the Mediterranean.
The development of tourism has influenced the gastronomic offer of Mediterranean countries,
including Croatia. Thanks to the agricultural culture of the Croatian coast and island areas abounding
in various fish, mollusks and shellfish, Croatia's identity lies in the gastronomy whose foundation is
precisely in the produce. The cultivation of tomatoes, olives, and wines from family farms is linked to
tourism and agriculture which, in symbiosis, make up one of the competitive advantages of Croatian
Dalmatinka, the national conference on Mediterranean agriculture, brings together the academic
community, national institutions and all target public within the agricultural community, whose
activities are directed towards the cultivation of agricultural products and fisheries. The diversity of
plants and animals allows the development of such form of agriculture in the Dalmatian hinterland.
The Conference wants to bring together agriculturists and family farms of Croatian islands, a special
group of the agricultural community that, through the production of island delicacies, contributes to
the development of Mediterranean agriculture through their efforts.
The Zadar County and the City of Zadar, apart from tourist identity, create a new identity in
connecting the 'blue' and 'green' Croatia. In addition to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of
Croatia, from the very beginning, the Conference is supported by the European Bank for
Reconstruction and Development. The University of Zadar is actively participating as a co-organizer.