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PRO PR Vision Manager Award presented to Gordana Kovačević

Zagreb, April 23rd, 2019 – Already 7th year in a row, the PRO PR Vision Manager Award is being given for transparency in communication, This year’s winner is CEO of Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Gordana Kovačević because she, as the commission said: „ As a part of management process, she gave a very important role to the transparent communication, using different techniques and tools, towards all target audiences in an honest, understanding and transparent way. Through her communication messages she inspired the business community.“
During the award ceremony, Mrs. Kovačević said: „ I would like to thank the organizing board for the PRO PR Vision Manager Awards. This year, Ericsson Nikola Tesla marks 70 years of successful business. I’m sure that communication towards all interested parties is one of the factors in our success and continuous development. I+m proud that the expert public recognizes it. With this recognition, this award my team and myself are additionally motivated to continue to communicate responsibly, professionally and with the same quality.“
President of the organizing board, Danijel Koletić, presented the award. With the recognition, unique statue, work of the student of the Academy of Applied Arts Rijeka was also presented. Statue was made as a part of Arts&Business program, within which art pieces of the students represent their first step in the business community which supports the arts. Winners of this awards so far have been: Jože Mermal, Emil Tedeschi, Edhem Fočo, Darko Šket, Esad Zaimović, Martina Bienenfeld i Andrej Jovanović.

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