Signed agreement between PR Roman Forum and the Italian organization for public relations – FERPI

The tenth edition of InspiringPR, the Italian public relations festival organized by Federazione Relazioni Pubbliche Italiana-FERPI, the Italian public relations organization, ended last Saturday in Venice. The guest of the Venetian event was Danijel Koletić, director of APRIORI World, founder, and organizer of PRO PR, an international public relations conference. Danijel Koletić signed a contract with the president of FERPI, Filippo Nani, which confirmed the official sponsorship of FERPI at the first edition of the international PR Roman Forum conference “Communication, responsibility, sustainable heritage and environmental, social and corporate management, ESG”, which will be held next year on February 20 and 21 in Rome, and for the first time the PRO PR Globe Communication Achievement Awards will be awarded, PRO PR awards for the achievements of the best projects. When signing the contract, Filippo Nani said: “In the spirit of building theory and practices of the public relations profession adapted to the complexity of today and the future, in continuity with what he theorized so far in Italy, also thanks to the contribution of one of the most famous historical members of FERPI, such as Toni Muzi Falconi.” Danijel Koletić also announced the signing of a global document, more specifically: Rome Declarations on Green Responsibility, and on that occasion he said: “All roads lead to Rome, is the motto of the project that I want to start, considering myself a person who, through the project of the international PRO PR conference, has been gathering a community of experts and the public relations industry globally for 22 years. Although many do not perceive the communication industry as a very important segment of business, from which everything starts through communication strategies and messages that affect reputation, and therefore profit. Through the Rome Declaration, we must also show our responsibility towards the goals of sustainable development in the Paris Agreement and constantly be aware of the goals that our industry carries through the goals of sustainable development.”