New vehicles for successful contuniation of the bussines year

According to the business strategy started two years ago, Cammeo group continues with development of new and improvement of existing services

With the beginning of the new school year and return to the office for many, users of Cammeo services will have even easier time than before because Cammeo group has completely renewed it’s fleet. Since this fall, in every city in which Cammeo operates, at the users disposal there will be new, modernly equipped vehicles, Dacia Logan MCV. Same as until now, all vehicles of Cammeo group use gas as fuel, with new vehicles being even more eco friendly. These vehicles are emitting up to 30 % less of carbon monoxide then for example cars with diesel engines.
To Cammeo users, with bigger comfort and the biggest trunk in this category of vehicles, multitude of practicalities will be available which will save time and make everyday activities easier. Besides these news, this fall Cammeo will also get new visual identity and the new, improved version of Taxi Navigator app for mobile users is in it’s final stage. 
Cammeo group intends to strengthen it’s market position by offering service of corporative transport which is already available to it’s users for some time and it offers to companies and it’s employees significant savings, privileged allocation driving, complete cost control and multitude of other practicalities which make time management easier.
“This fall we intend to increase existing fleet of vehicles, but we are also preparing new projects which will strengthen our lider position and also prove that we are a company which constantly brings novelties and starts positive changes not just on the taxi market but wider.”- said Vladimir Minovski, general director of Cammeo group.