Mayor of Maribor opens Blogomanija!

Fashion and Beauty Blogomanija this summer will gather the most important names of regional fashion and online scenes, and the mayor of the city of Maribor, Mr. Andrej Fištravec will open the Blogomanija on 8th of June and wish all guests of event a warm welcome to hotel Habakuk at Maribor Pohorje.

The mayor and the leading people of Maribor recognized the importance of third regional Blogomanija since the fashion and beauty, as well as Internet business, are closely linked with innovation and regional economy. From that same reason, one of the main speaker at Blogomanija will be the President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, Mr. Marko Čadež, so as the President of one of the biggest Slovenia and Serbian IT companies ComTrade, Mr. Veselin Jevrosimović.
Entrepreneurship is activities that the online environment emphasizes and develops and successful people in the region were able to cash their view on fashion & beauty industry through a variety of Internet tools. Recognizing the importance of these, from the traditional point of view, new influential individuals are proof of change of direction in marketing and acquisition of new customers, as well as in business in general.
About all these, with much more serious lectures from the field of journalism, PR, social networks, video production, photography, analytics, development of business, Internet… will be discussed from 8 till 12 June at Fashion and Beauty Blogomanija.
Maribor Pohorje gave to organizers a unique scenography for all recreational content provided between lectures, the town of Maribor has provided rooms for the four big parties, and the hotel Habakuk for indispensable holiday in a beautiful spa center.
The main stars of event will be speakers which is over 150, and between them are Ella Dvornik and Hana Hadžiavdagić Tabaković and guests which is now over 500. 
Blogomanija Fashion and Beauty is third regional Blogomanija which will be held from 8 to 12 June and it will cover the fields of currently the most promising sphere of the Internet – fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry. We are expecting you in Habakuk, Slovenia, and until then all detail information you can find on the web site, Facebook page or Twitter account of the conference.