Less then three weeks until Slavonika!

At the Faculty of Agriculture in Osijek, on March 7th 2017, in organization of association „Land and People“ will be held 2nd nacional agricultural conference „Slavonika“

Next to Faculty of Agriculture in Osijek, partner of the conference is Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb, while European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is it's institutional partner.
Under the moto Inspiring agriculture this year is also expected more then 300 participants. Conference will be opened by Prime Ministers ambassador – Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Tomislav Tolušić. We would also like to specially mention the presentation which will be held by Victoria Zinchuk, Head of Agribusiness Advisory at EBRD. 
„Slavonika“ is only nacional agricultural conference which connects all age and expert groups in agricultural chain. With that in mind, participants of the conference are representatives of the ministries, agricultural agencies, institutes, associations, farmers, family farm representatives, academical community, agricultural students, agricultural high school students, county and city departments of agriculture and media representatives. 
„Farmers miss inspiration. Agricultural sector must change and be product innovative. There are some key questions which demand the start of practical solutions such as land consolidation, electronical education of the farmers, question of branding and practical connection of green and blue Croatia.“, said the president of the organizational board of the conference, Mr. Danijel Koletić. 
The goal of the conference is also connecting different sectors, so last year HENIEKEN Croatia has founded Club of barley producers Karlovačko in partnership with Agricultural and food complex and Agricultural food institute Osijek. HENIEKEN Croatia has started the project of procurement of Croatian barley for production of Karlovačko beer three years ago. That project supports domestic agriculture and production of barley beer. Karlovačko, top quality beer, is proud of the fact that is made from entirely home grown Croatian barley.
The goal of the conference is to bring conclusion which will be presented as a document of agricultural strategy and decisions and will be sent to The Agriculture Committee of the Croatian Parliament.
Official program of the conference is available on web page. For free participation you can apply until February 27th, using link 180 participants have already applied, so the number of available places is limited. Final program of the conference will be announced February 27th.