First international conference on innovation and communication in public administration and public sector companies – FOCUS was held

In Terme Tuhelj, 1st December 2017 was held first international conference on innovation and communication in public administration and public sector companies – FOCUS, gathering over 100 local and foreign communication experts and reputable representatives from public and private sector.

Conference was opened with panel discussion "Where are we going? Strategic communication and public administration". Participants were Violeta Cvetovska, Gordana Jovanović, Ermina Duraj and Branka Bežanov with moderation of Dražena Dretara. Conference was continued with positive practical examples on subjects "Lesson on Transparency – Open Budget Challenge", "Leaders of the future" and "Managing communication projects – practical experiences and examples".
International feel of the conference contributed two renown communication experts; Alessandro Buttice, which has been working on managing positions in communications sector on the highest levels of EU for over 30 years and spoke on a subject  ,,The Importance of Transparent Communication in Public Administration and Public Sector Companies“ and Simon Jones, managing director at Westco Ltd. and Chairman of Local Government Communications from United Kingdom who talked about „How Do We Manage Communications in the Municipality of Westminster?". 
The following subject on the program was „Successful Examples of Communicating the Projects of Cities and Counties“ in the region and „Innovations in Digital Space“ where new technologies such us contactless communication and secrets, techniques and advantages of digital advertising. 
Conference was concluded with three speakers who all talked about „Why Public Administration Needs PR Agencies“. After all the lectures of the day, participants and speakers were given certificates as the confirmation of their attendance.
In total, 21 speaker from 8 countries spoke at the conference. 
The purpose of this conference is to gather individuals who work in public administration and public companies to encourage them to discuss strategies, tactics and communications processes. The conference represents a platform for  connecting, exchanging knowledge and experience, and defining guidelines for new communication processes.
'' After market analysis of communication sector, trends and perceived position in which people employed in public administration and public companies are, I have decided to found and start this educational programme. Thanks to the interes of speakers and participants, I believe that this conference will become tradition and I'm already announcing that the next one will last for two days. Today, we will have an opportunity to exchange different views, experiences and practices and through open communication we will accomplish better perception and reputation of the profession.'' said the president of the organizing board Danijel Koletić during his welcoming speech. 
Under the motto of the conference closer to the people, FOCUS gathers representatives from public and private sector so they can through simple and transparent communication start to realize common goals of progress. Because of that, FOCUS conference programme through practical examples of reputable local and foreigner communication experts offers participants, educations about the newest trends in communication in public sector, challenges which public administrators faces and advice on how to improve communication on all levels. 
Next conference will be held on September 13th and 14th, 2018.