Festival of plum brandy at GORA

Within the three-day event “Days of Sustainable Development GORA 2016.- Gospić / Lika” will be held brandy festival, called ”Priki lik”, where all visitors will have the opportunity to try best shots from brandy producers from Lika.

Although, Lika is generally perceived as a region of the highest quality potatoes, but plum brandy is also one of the products which has a traditional value, thanks to the high quality of plums and water.
Next week, City of Gospić and Lika will become the destination of science and tradition. The 15th traditional scientific conference Annales Pilar, Forum Smart Cities- energy transformation,  electric cars race, bike tour and local fair of products and animals from Lika will be also held during this event.
The aim is to promote Gospić and Lika as a national center for sustainable development, in line with global guidelines on energy efficiency, sustainable development and environmental protection.