Conference “Slavonika” in Osijek gathered 350 participants

At the Faculty of Agriculture in Osijek was held the 2nd national agricultural conference „Slavonika“

This one-day conference has rich program for all generations of farmers – representatives of family farms, associations, academics, institutions, media, students and high school students. 
The conference was officially opened by the Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Tomislav Tolušić. Except Minister, the speeches held Mrs. Marijana Petir, Euro MP, chairman of the Agriculture Committee in Croatian Parliament Mr. Davor Romić, president of Association “Land and People” Mr. Miroslav Kovač, County Prefect Mr. Vladimir Šišljagić, Mayor of Osijek, Mr. Ivan Vrkić, deans of the co-organiser colleges Vlado Guberac and Zoran Grgić and Mato Brlošić from the Croatian Chamber of Agriculture. 
Three hundred and fifty participants listened rich program that covered important topics in the field of agriculture. The most interested discussions were about agricultural consolidation and the role of counties in development of Croatian agriculture. There was also a lot of talk about rural development measures and problems, and also solutions of problems in pig production, challenges in the dairy industry and the future of seed industry in Croatia. During the conference there were five panel discussions about issues of Agriculture. In the afternoon, three panel discussions about different topics were held at the same time, but different venues; future of Croatian pig production, future of seed industry and new opportunities in the dairy industry.
On each of discussions there were an intense debate from not only active participants of the panel discussion, but also gathered farmers and students.
Students were very interested about lectures of practices „Success stories of local farmers“ where farmers presented their successful projects which were realized in real work. Presenters were Goran Vrabec from the family farm Volim ljuto, Matija Cetinić Frankos from agricultural collective Berry Organic and Mayor of Vidovec Bruno Hranić who presented the success story of the Varaždin cabbage.
Also, at the conference there were presented student solutions of the project task for the company Agrofructus. Tasks were given and presented at last year's conference for students „Agro Startup“. The task for students was to create a business idea related to the process of bringing fruits and vegetables from farm to table. There were presented four student quality ideas.
Conference had a goal to encourage and inspire communication among farmers and to highlight the potential that Croatian agriculture has. Besides that, the aim of conference was to show the opportunities of branding, as well as the use of digital technology. 
In the end, „Slavonika“ managed to transfer knowledge and inspire agriculture! Considering the conclusion of the closing of the conference, active debate of participants and interest for the next, 3rd national agricultural conference „Slavonika“, all tasks were successfully completed!