Conference ”Digital Agriculture”

In collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb and Apriori World agency was held the first Digital Agriculture Conference.

The host of the conference Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Mr. Zvonimir Grgić said: "Our faculty is trying to prepare Croatian agriculture and agronomic experts for the understanding, application and improvement of digital agriculture by the results of its scientific activity and in teaching, so we support this conference as part of our regular inspiration with the desire to inspire all those who want or are already engaged in agriculture. ''
The Chairman of the Organizing Board, Danijel Koletić, said: "Digital literacy in agriculture, due to technological development and progress, will represent one of the challenges of survival, some of which have long recognized it, and some are already familiar with these novelties. Generations of young farmers are ready for new connections and new knowledge, and domestic IT specialists have already provided some solutions that support agriculture and thus save time and money. We are constantly changing and adapting, we can share people to the successful and the less successful ones, it is difficult to change their habits, and even more difficult to admit to ourselves that we do not know something. Only gathered in the synergy of exchange and experience and knowledge, constant learning and willingness to accept innovations can make us competitive ."

Mr. Krešimir Ivančić, Assistant Minister of Agriculture, opened a block of lectures entitled Rural Development Program and Digital Agriculture. On this occasion, Mr. Ivančić said: "Digitalization of agriculture is a necessary transformation that is waiting for our agriculture to get a more competitive, self-sufficient and sustainable production that is going along with time. If we are upgrading traditional agriculture with technological innovations, with the support of the profession and the development policies, the logical sequence is the growth and development of the domestic agricultural holdings that we all strive for. The Ministry of Agriculture will continue to contribute to these common goals."
Victoria Zinchuk, director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, spoke about the importance of agricultural transformation. Approximately 190 participants had the opportunity to hear the opinions and advice of top experts on the panel discussion that was moderated by Mrs. Zvjezdana Blažić, CEO of Geja Consulting on the topic of "Digital Farms in Croatia - Dream or Java? ''
The conference brought together farmers, digital experts, members of the Rural Development Program Monitoring Committee, beneficiaries of Measure 4 of Rural Development, students from the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb, Faculty of Agrobiotechnical Sciences in Osijek, University of Zadar, High School of Economics in Križevci and Požega. The conference is co-financed by means of the technical assistance measure of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.