Clinic at sea is conquering the Gazprom

This year, one of the leading clinics in Croatia, Terme Selce is celebrating 25 years of working. Furthermore, their team was invited by Medical Advisory Board to visit the Gazprom clinic.

The meeting took place with the aim of potential medical cooperation between clinics. It was held just before the fair „MedShow Moscow“, which maintains from 26th to 28th of February.
''Over the past years we have had several patients from Russia and we started to consider the Russian market. Because of good results in the area of rehabilitation, we started negotiations in order to see the possibilities of merging with Gazprom clinic. This is big business challenge for us, and also a process that requires time and patience. Terme Selce is clinic at sea area which is for Russian patients extremely attractive.'', said Dr. Vlasta Brozicevic, one of the leading experts in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation, during the meeting with doctors Alexandr Shihmetov and Alexander Kouri. Besides the Gazprom, the team of Terme Selce will visit two private clinics in Moscow.