Cammeo group hires hundreds of new employees

Administration of Cammeo group announced that due to the increase of work in the coming period, will hire hundreds of new employees

While the labor market in Croatia continuously records the devastating results, Cammeo group records increase, which is particularly evident in the expansion of the franchise network.
Cammeo opened a franchise in Beli Manastir a few days ago, a city that after 30 years got a taxi-service, and in April they will open the franchise in Koprivnica. The expansion of the franchise business, increases the need for new drivers in all cities where Cammeo group operates. All unemployed individuals can apply for ad of Taxi Cammeo franchise and look for chance to work in Varaždin, Šibenik, Rijeka, Osijek and Zagreb. 
Beside of secondary education and a valid driving license, candidates for the job must have excellent communication skills and knowledge about the city and its attractions, and must be willing to work in shifts. All candidats who satisfy formal conditions for employment, will attend the Taxi Academy where they will go through intensive training thanks to which will be trained to work in a taxi-service. Working in Cammeo group provides permanent employment, continuous training and education, additional incentives and bonuses, and a stable incomes, so this is really a great opportunity for those looking for suitable employment.
“We have established Taxi Cammeo franchise model with business reorganization, which proved to be great business move. Thanks to that, we record business increasment, so there is a constant need for further employment. In this moment, we have needs for another hundred employees, which is a big number in current circumstances and that gives us hope for this trend to continue in the future”, stated general director of Cammeo Group, Vladimir Minovski.
All interested can contact Cammeo group every day from 8 – 16 pm, or by calling 099 492 6696.