Apriori World consults the city of Maribor

Maribor City has signed a contract with the Croatian agency Apriori communications at the field of international consulting and networking

The agency Apriori Communications is part of a group of agencies from abroad called Apriori World. The result of this cooperation is the presentation of the project Invest in Maribor, welcome to Slovenia.
Within this project this year will be organized in three business forums; Belarusian-Slovenian, Iranian-Slovenian and Chinese-Slovenian forum. Belarusian-Slovenian forum will be held from 23 to 25 September, the Iranian- Slovenian from 13 till 14 October, and the Chinese-Slovenian from 9 till 11 November 2015. 
Apriori World provides consulting services to Maribor with the institutions of Great Britain, Qatar and Turkey. On Belarusian conference we expect 40 representatives from Belarus, and on September 21, will be announced the details of the Iranian-Slovenian Forum. This project can be considered as successful, given that for Chinese forum is confirmed arrival for more than 80 Chinese companies. 
At the signing of the cooperation agreement Danijel Koletić, director of Apriori World, said: „The beginning of any cooperation is based on communication and so the aim of this business- economic meeting is agreement of possible cooperation. Invest in Maribor, welcome to Slovenia was launched for the aim to city of Maribor become a new investment point.“