Apriori World BH held workshops on the subject of PRAG procedures and financial reporting on EU projects

A member of the Apriori World network from Bosnia and Herzegovina held a seminar on PRAG procedures and financial reporting on EU projects. The seminars took place on 5th of December in Sarajevo and 6th of December in Mostar.

The workshops were aimed at institutions and organizations that have received a project from one of the EU programs to ensure good implementation of the project with a high percentage of withdrawn resources and a lower level of unacceptable costs and irregularities during implementation. The workshops were initiated to enable project teams to become familiar with the program policies, and were intended for organizations and institutions that have received the EU project and who are in the process of receiving or submitting the project to the EU invitation.
The target group for participation in the workshops included local and regional self-government units, associations, associations of employers, cooperatives, public companies working under PRAG procedures, institutes, faculties, informal associations and initiatives, ministries, development agencies, entrepreneurial incubators, clusters, primary and high schools as well as other public institutions.
The workshops consisted of several exercises, including financial project management exercises, reporting, public procurement by PRAG, criteria and types of procedures, documentation and evaluation.
Workshop leaders were Ilija Papac, Internal Auditor of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Katarina Puljić from the Treasury Department at the Ministry of Finance and Treasury of Bosnia and Herzegovina.