Slavonika 5.3.2019. (1)

4th national agriculture conference Slavonika

In Osijek, on March 5, the traditionally known national agricultural conference Slavonika was held for the fourth time at the Faculty of Agrobiotechnical Sciences of the University of Osijek. The conference was opened by the Chairman of the Organizing Board Danijel Koletić, Osijek Baranja County vice perfect Goran Ivanović Lac and the deputy mayor of Osijek Boris Piližota. The Minister of Agriculture and Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, Mr. Tomislav Tolušić spoke on the occasion of the opening ceremony, which also held a lecture on guidelines for the development of Croatian agriculture.
"One of the challenges facing the transformation of Croatian agriculture is the continuous education of employees in public administration that make up the service of Croatian agriculture. Digital literacy will be imperative for the survival and future of Croatian agriculture. Global changes in the development of technological progress are closely related to the change of the agricultural community. Digital literacy of all in the agricultural community chain is one of the tasks that Croatia is expecting for agriculture, "said Danijel Koletić, Chairman of the Organizing Board of the national agricultural conference Slavonika.
Throughout the day-long conference, under the moto We inspire agriculture, with the aim of promoting the development of agriculture and its policies, and promoting examples of sustainable practices for sustainable rural development, more than 20 agricultural experts through lectures and panels will present their thoughts and provide views on solutions with a view to competitiveness Croatian agriculture.
"The conference on the prospects of agricultural production in the heart of Slavonia, in the place of concentrated and applied knowledge that has been successfully held for the fourth time, is an incomparable event. I personally welcome the students' interest in these topics and talk about the future. They say young are critical and demanding audiences, but that's what we are looking for. Such energy should be the driving force for all of us who are in decision-making positions that will be reflected in these coming generations. We are responsible to them and their judgment and opinion is important. Europe is old and we are a young farmers' economy. While Europe has an average of 6 percent of young farmers, Croatia has as much as 13 percent of young people. Two weeks ago, 163 farmers from the Slavonian counties signed 163 farmers' worth of almost HRK 60 million worth of funding, and the funds will be used to start the business of young farmers and the development of non-agricultural activities in the village. We started with the contracted 10.3 billion kunas projects from the Rural Development Program for a year and this year we have available all available funds up to 2020. The latest statistics show that Croatia's agriculture is recovering and growing. Increased value of agricultural production and real income. Even export coverage has been the highest in the last 7 years. - said Minister Tolušić in Osijek and added, "Today, with the students, I have talked about the direction our agriculture is going to meet and their needs. I invited them to continue their efforts and contribute their knowledge to the development of Croatian agriculture. We will reward their knowledge and effort, so the Ministry of Agriculture will finance from this fall of 10 thousand kuna all the scholarships of regular students of agricultural courses in Slavonia who will enroll for a higher year. And that's part of the Project of Slavonia - a big and important project that will not just stay on paper. "
The program section also follows the lectures of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in the Republic of Croatia, Victims of Zinchuk,  Matija Žulj from Agrivi and many other prominent stakeholders in Croatian agriculture and rural development.
The conference is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture, Osijek - Baranja County and Osijek, and co - organizers are the Faculty of Agrobiotechnical Sciences of the University of Osijek and the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Zagreb. The conference is held without a financial subscription and has more than 300 participants, and more information can be found on the new official website of the platform -