1st agricultural conference ”Slavonika”

City of Osijek will host first agricultural conference “Slavonika”, on March 17 2016, which will be organized by the association “Land and People”

It will not be the first conference about agriculture in Croatia because agricultural conferences, aimed at scientific and academic community are also organizing Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb and Osijek. This universities have recognized the initiative of "Land and People" association and accepted organizational partnership. The aim of this conference is to inspire agriculture since it is mentioned only when it comes to the agricultural crisis.
"There is no country that has made its fortune from agriculture, but it is a resource in which are the largest lobbies of the world. It is sad, that after 20 years, Croatia does not produce more food and that everything is based on good will of connecting green and blue Croatia. We are aware that we can not make decisions, but we can inspire, encourage and connect certain agricultural segments. Communication is the beginning. If there is good will and desire, there is a solution, "said Miroslav Kovač, president of the organizing board of the conference on the occasion of presentation.
It will be a one-day conference. At 5 panel discussions and 2 lectures will participate 32 experts, and we expect about 300 participants, 50 of them will be students of the Faculty of Agriculture in Osijek and 50 students of the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb. Registration fees for the first 100 participants will be subsidized.
"Recently agriculture has been one of the most important industries in the Republic of Croatia (the share to 15% of GDP before 20 years), and today it is less than 4% of GDP. It is very underutilized as a potential development of our country. A desolate and unused rural area in which is the high unemployment rate, especially the young and educated people, with a negative balance of food imports are reason for big need to communicate about agriculture as a possible initiator of positive trends. " said dean of the Faculty of Agriculture prof. dr. sc. Zoran Grgić.
Why is important to talk about agriculture also commented the dean of Faculty of Agriculture in Osijek, the host of this conference, prof. dr. sc. Vlado Guberac:
"Agriculture contains one very important element, the rural economy. Specifically, the final production on farms, rural tourism services, direct sales of agricultural products and a variety of other activities are contributing to increase of revenue of agriculture economy. That doesn't contribute only the preservation of the village but also its affirmation and creating a desirable lifestyle. It certainly indicates the importance of agriculture as the real economy, because the agricultural product is literally added value. Finally it should be noted that agriculture is much more than just economic activity. In fact, its social, cultural and environmental role is undetectable and therefore it deserves special attention. "
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